Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Veterans of War Find Peace and Healing through SCUBA

ABC ran a piece tonight on a SCUBA program for disabled veterans. The program takes place at St. John's in the Carribean and it struck a cord with me. The healing power of water provides relief from pain and physicial limitations. It also is soothing and peaceful, providing benefit to both mind and body. I had blogged about aqua therapy in my other blog

I first discovered the benefits of water when my father suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury. Twenty years later, with my own back injury, I discovered being in the water can be the best medicine. "Palliative care" is how a nurse described it - but it is much more than that. I was asked recently, what helps relieve pain and without over analzying - I scribbled, "swimming."

Scuba was great for awhile but I found the tanks and weight belt to be too cumbersome and heavy - snorkeling is a better choice for me - more freedom to move about.

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